Lone Star Paving offers quality sealcoating solutions at a fair price. Our sealcoating team serves the Austin, Temple, and San Antonio area and has over 125 years of combined experience in the paving industry. From roadways to streets and parking lots we can handle any sealing job.

freshly paved parking lot with sealcoating

Why Sealcoat?

Sealcoating will extend the life of an asphalt surface by applying extra coats of asphalt cement to the top layer. An asphalt surface will wear down over time making it vulnerable water, sunlight, and chemical damage. We are sealcoating experts in the Austin, Temple, and San Antonio area, and can properly assess the state of your asphalt.

Sealcoating will make your asphalt investment last longer.

Benefits of Sealcoating

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Prevents Water Damage

On an unsealed asphalt surface, water will seep into the asphalt pores. Water will erode the asphalt surface causing cracks and potholes to form. If water freezes in porous cement, it will expand and cause cracking.

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Defends Against Chemical Damage

Motor oil and other vehicle fluids can saturate and break down asphalt surfaces. Bitumen is the active binding agent in asphalt cement and is made of a crude oil by-product. Motor oil will absorb the bitumen, which will dissolve its binding properties. potholes and erosion.

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Protects From Sun Damage

The UV rays from the sun will oxidize the asphalt cement causing it to lose its binding properties. Accelerated oxidation will create loose gravel at the asphalt surface, and will break down the pavements thickness.

When To Sealcoat

Depending on the purpose of your asphalt, you may not need to seal coat often in the Austin, Temple, and San Antonio area. Some companies will sell you on an unnecessary sealcoating job, but we strive to get the most out of your investment.

Contact Lone Star Paving if you notice any of the following signs of asphalt disrepair:

  • Loose gravel on the asphalt surface
  • Gray and weathered color
  • Small visible cracks

Crack Sealing

If cracks have formed in your asphalt surface, we also offer crack sealing services along with any sealcoating visit. It is important to seal any cracks that have formed in your asphalt to ensure a water resistant surface and to prevent from any further damage. If any cracks have formed in your asphalt surface, Contact Lone Star Paving for a free consultation!

Sealcoat Estimate

We start the process with our free consultation. During the consultation one of our Lone Star Paving contractors will inspect the state of your asphalt to determine if a seal coat is necessary.