Concrete is a long lasting and durable paving solution for roads, parking lots, flatwork, sidewalks, ADA accessibility ramps, and any high traffic or load bearing surface. At Lone Star Paving, we have the capacity to provide quality concrete designs that are fully mixed and poured quickly to ensure a quality product. All of our concrete projects come with a one-year quality guarantee, so you can rest assured that your paving investment will last.

With 125 years of combined experience, the Lone Star Paving team can handle any hand and auger concrete paving project in the Austin, Temple, and San Antonio area.

smoothing concrete for sidewalk

Concrete Paving

Concrete is a cost effective and low maintenance surface paving solution. Concrete roadways are reinforced with rebar or a subgrade making them more resilient to cracking and settling.

Concrete also has a low resistance making it a premium surface to boost car’s fuel efficiency and minimize tire wear. We use concrete paving machines and mixers that are capable of carrying out large paving projects in the Austin, Temple, and San Antonio area. With different forms of finishing, the top layer of concrete can be grooved to allow for water to flow off of the surface.

Concrete Flatwork

We use concrete for flatwork features that either need more support from a substrate, like dumpster pads or need to be perfectly straight and smooth, like with ADA accessible ramps. Concrete is a versatile construction material and allows us to apply different finishes and textures.

The Lone Star Paving concrete team is highly experienced with concrete handwork and can make custom forms to best suit the design and needs of your Austin, Temple, or San Antonio based property. We can also apply finishing designs, textures, and colors to your concrete to both boost the look and the safety of your flatwork.


We can handle any sized sidewalk project for commercial shopping centers, business parks, and streets. Using the Americans with Disabilities Act’s design and compliance rules, we’ll ensure that your sidewalks are both safe and long lasting.

Dumpster Pads

With new paving projects we will work with you and the design standards to place a dumpster pad in the designated area. Dumpster pads are poured with a strong rebar and aggregate substrate so the surface will hold up to heavy weight and pressure.

ADA Accessible Ramps

We are capable of pouring Americans with Disabilities Act compliant ramps. All of our exterior building work is compliant to regulations and guidelines for accessibility. We also offer ramp finishing to improve the grip and safety of your ramps.

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