Austin Asphalt Mixing Plant

Our Lone Star Paving Asphalt plant is located in Austin TX for the community of Texas. Our plant operates asphalt production of both high-quality cold and hot mixes. Take advantage of our asphalt’s quality for residential, industrial, and municipal paving needs.

We’re capable of mixing any design of asphalt you may need. If you are unsure what mix design you need, contact the best asphalt pavers in the industry. We will help you select the proper asphalt mix for your Austin based project.

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What Is the Difference Between a Hot Mix and a Cold Mix of Asphalt?

The asphalt cement must be heated to bind together the stone and aggregate in hot mixes. Sources of hot mix asphalt come from commercial, industrial, and municipal paving. This is because it requires extra equipment to use. Hot mix designs are best for larger paving projects. Keep this in mind as cold mixes are best used for smaller repairs projects.

Hot Mix and Recycled Asphalt for Sale

We supply hot mix asphalt products that follow city, county, and TXDOT regulations. We will work with you to schedule the production of hot mix to line up with your repairs or paving project. We can supply two main types of hot mix asphalt designs. These types are the City of Austin mix and Recycled Asphalt Pavement mixes.

Business owners and residents often use recycled materials for asphalt pavements to great benefit. For many of our customers, this is an affordable and environmentally responsible option. Take advantage of its high quality and durable nature by giving the experts at Lone Star Paving a call.

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Texas Department of Transportation Mixes

We can supply TXDOT flexible pavement mix designs for various projects. From repairs to large roadway construction projects, we have the mix design you need. We feature a mix of offerings. Consider our Dense Graded asphalt, Permeable Friction Course, Performance Design Mixes, and Stone Matrix asphalt.

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Recycled Asphalt Pavement Mixes

We offer a variety of pavement mixes made from recycled asphalt in Austin. We produce two primary recycled asphalt mixes, labelled type B and type D. Type B recycled asphalt pavement has a 25% of recycled asphalt surface maximum, whereas Type D has a 15% of recycled asphalt surface maximum.

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City of Austin Mix

The Lone Star Paving asphalt plant meets the Austin Zoning Department requirements. The City of Austin asphalt mix does not include any recycled asphalt pavement and are for municipal roads.

Cold Mix Asphalt

Cold asphalt mixes are also offered and are great for do-it-yourself residential driveway repairs and quick pothole patches. Cold mix asphalt bonds not through heat, but through the evaporation of the emulsifying agent for the asphalt.

The asphalt cement is emulsified or distributed with small droplets of a liquid to keep it in a malleable state. When the emulsification liquid evaporates, the asphalt will bond with the air and hardens over time.

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We are the paving experts located in Austin, Texas. The highest quality and cost-effective cold and hot asphalt mixes are available for your home or business. For parking lots, asphalt driveways, and more, contact us online for a free quote at Lone Star Paving today!