Lone Star Paving can tackle any asphalt project in the Austin, Temple, and San Antonio area. From high traffic roads to small business parking lots, our contractors have the experience to quickly complete the job at a fair price.

Our contractors will work with you to develop a layout and plan for completing your paving project on your schedule. From the planning stage to the final walkthrough and evaluation, our paving contractor will oversee each step to ensure you receive best quality possible.

lone star paving truck construction site

New Construction

For new projects and site constructions, our paving experts will work with your general contractor to plan, layout, and determine the best timeline for your paving needs. Because we source our paving materials from our Austin based asphalt plant, we can keep the costs low for your project without sacrificing any quality.


If you are interested in expanding or replacing your asphalt surface, our paving experts will get the most out of your investment. Some older surfaces can be repaired, but if your asphalt is in serious disrepair, we can advise you on how to replace your parking lot, roadway, and any other blacktop surface in the Austin, Temple, and San Antonio area. Your replacement project will be planned in stages to minimize the effect on traffic. Our asphalt and paving team will handle the tear out and removal of the old asphalt or paved surface.


Our large and expert team of paving professionals allows us to tackle the bigger municipal, residential, and public road projects. We have the necessary paving equipment and materials to finish large projects in the Austin, Temple, and San Antonio area quickly. We can also tackle smaller projects of homeowners associations, privately owned roads, and large driveways.

Parking Lots

All of our parking lot paving, signage, and striping is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We will work within the Austin, Temple, and San Antonio design standards to make sure your parking lot is the efficiently designed and safe.

From small storefronts to large shopping centers, and from schools to apartment complexes, we have a parking lot paving option for you. Our parking lot projects are planned and executed in stages, so you do not have to shut down your business while we work.

Free Consultation

We will start your paving project with a free consultation. During the consultation, we will cover any of your concerns and craft a perfect solution for your paving needs.


We will move to scheduling your paving project around your and your businesses time. Our goal is to make as little impact on you and your business, residents, or employees lives.