Why Is Asphalt Temperature Important?

Over the course of laying down new asphalt, several factors are closely monitored. One of these factors is the temperature of the asphalt mix. Professionals in the paving industry know that even a small mistake in this aspect of the process can lead to asphalt that doesn’t stand the test of time. So, what’s the right way to approach asphalt temperature?

curved asphalt road in the mountain with sunset in the distance

History of Paved Roads

Paving technology has advanced dramatically since the first paved road allowed for wheeled carts. Over the years, builders have used everything from stone slabs to concrete. Some of the earliest roads included feats of engineering that would be difficult to implement, even today.

How To Report A Pothole

Whether it is a nuisance on your morning commute or it almost caused an accident, potholes should be repaired. The Public Works Department of a city is in charge of repairing potholes and often they do not assess that a road needs repair until a report has been filed.